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What do I wear for my photoshoot?

So you have booked your photoshoot and you have no idea what to wear? , to help alleviate the concerns, the stress, the pressure, here are some “behind the scenes” tips to taking your next photo session from stressful to a fun and happy experience.


 Once you have decided on your location in order to plan appropriate clothing. For instance, casual cowboy boots will be even cuter in a scenic tall-grassed paddock. Bold colors and black jackets might stand out even stronger against an urban background  and beautiful soft neutrals are fantastic on a beach landscape . Pinterest offers some great ideas.

Coordinating, not matchy matchy!

The days of dressing all family members in a single color are gone. Some of the most interesting images involve many colors based on complementary color schemes. Sometimes, colors that previously were thought of as not matching make for the most interesting choices and beautiful statement images! Mustard, Navy and Olive green are a great example. Consider what you feel most confident in and then brainstorm color schemes around that choice; accessories can be added accordingly.


Stay away from fluorescent  colours or shirts with big logos, they are quite distracting and take the attention away from the feeling and essence in your family photos. 

Repeated shades

Repeating a specific shade is a different approach to the same idea as above. Choosing this favorite shade or color and letting it repeat in different ways on different family members brings unity to the image while still allowing each individual to make their own statement, this approach works well if you are planning for a large extended family photoshoot . Additionally, layering along with this strategy keeps the color from being too dominant. Another source of inspiration would be a group of individuals all in neutral or warm colors but with different textures and patterns within a very subtle overall color scheme. The possibilities are endless within this approach!




This all being said, simple can often be best. Newborn shoots in particular are a time for beautiful simplicity in order to highlight the soft freshness of your little bundle and maintain a timeless feel for the session. Staying away from dark or fluorescent colors avoids “color casts” on sweet newborn skin and allows the connection and emotion to remain the focus of the session.

Letting go of the idea of perfect

 It’s easy to get caught up in the expectation of “being perfect” and family photo sessions can be the ultimate of this pressure. Let’s face it. None of us are perfect! Let go of expectations, comparisons, and let the time set aside for family pictures be just a special time of everyone being together. Don’t be afraid to bring some non messy treats along to make for a little smoother cooperation, but make it an enjoyable, playful experience rather than a stressful one. What’s most important is to let your photos reflect you and your family, whatever that looks like.

No way your toddler is going to sit and be still? Bring along their favorite stuffed animal!! Baby fascinated by bubbles?  Let's' be honest everyone loves bubbles!! Let everyone get in on the action! Throw leaves, play chase, tell secrets, tickle fights are my personal favourite!!… let them do, play, enjoy; embrace it all and love the stage you’re in. Honestly, the best family sessions I’ve ever had the privilege of capturing have not been decided by the most closely coordinated outfits, but honestly  the ones when the family arrives relaxed, prepared to play, ready to snuggle, eager to put  away the phones and distractions for an hour and simply enjoy being together!

And, when it comes down to it, that is what you’ll want to remember for years to come; that is the secret to the most beautiful family pictures. 

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